Sandvika, Norway | 27.08 - 30.08 2020

Sandvika Information

1. City introduction

Sandvika is Bærum's city and the largest commercial, service and culture centre in the municipality. The town is beautifully situated on Sandvikselva (Sandvik River), right near the river mouth flowing into the fjord, with a backdrop of verdant hills.

The city is situated approximately 15 km (9.3 mi) west of Oslo, Norway’s capital. It is the main transportation hub for Western Baerum, and has a combined bus and railway station. Sandvika is also one of the stops along the route of the Airport Express Train.

Sandvika is the city in Bærum, and a natural shopping, communication and service centre, in addition to the area’s administrative centre, with its town hall and Kommunegården municipal centre. Sandvika west with Sandvika Shopping Centre and its approx. 190 stores and east of Sandvik river, with most shops at street level, liquor store, and many eateries along the river promenade is well worth a visit for those who enjoy shopping.

2. Surroundings

Sandvika has several historical sites of interest, such as Malmskrivergården farm, the buildings around the port of Løkkehaven, and the old Løkke bridge from 1829, which French artist Claude Monet painted in 1895.

Kolsåstoppen is a well-known profile of residents in Bærum. It is one of the biggest climbing fields in the Oslo area, but the top is also suitable for beautiful walks. Kolsåstoppen consisting of two peaks, Nordre Kolsåstoppen which is 379 m and Southern Kolsåstoppen which is 342 m. Between the peaks lies the idyllic small ponds. Once you have arrived at the top you are rewarded with a breathtaking panoramic view over Oslo, Bærum and Oslo Fjord.

The Henie Onstad Art Centre has a beautiful waterfront location and is a central, yet unique meeting place. The Center was established in 1968 as a donation of the collectors Sonja Henie and Niels Onstad. The choice of Art Centre rather than "museum," was deliberate, signaling that Henie Onstad was to be not only a keeper of a strong modern European collection, but also a producer of experimental art. Its expertise, collections and historical identity lie in the interdisciplinary field, with special emphasis on the relationship between art, sound, performance and the historical avant-garde.

Holmenkollen National Ski Arena lets you explore different aspects of Norwegian ski culture and enjoy the fabulous views from the jump tower. Holmenkollen also has a few smaller attractions, among them the Holmenkollen Chapel and the Kragstøtten sculpture, which are worth visiting when in the area.